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Monthly Archives: May 2011

“B” is for Bling!

May 31, 2011

There are many ways to add flare to your wedding look. The best way is through the accessories you choose. Accessories can add that extra bling, making your outfit so much more than just a dress. Accessories can also add a splash of color to your outfit; this is a great way to tie in your bridesmaid’s colors or the… Read more

Adding FLAVOR to your groomsman

May 22, 2011

Traditional weddings are quite beautiful, however that’s not always the style everyone wants. For those of you looking for a different look for your wedding, I have an idea for you! One way to add some flavor to your special day is to incorporate a funky look to your groomsmen’s attire that strays away from the normal black… Read more

“Green – It’s The New White”

May 14, 2011

The terms wedding and environmentally-friendly were not always synonymous concepts, but now there are many ways to show off how much you care for your loved one and your environment! By following some of these simple tips, you have the power to reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint.

There are many options today for using 100% recycled or… Read more

Mothers Day for Real Moms

May 13, 2011

Mothers Day is always special – looking forward to the little homemade gifts, breakfast in bed… just the little things.  Well once children become tweens and then morf into young adults things get a little crazy, at least in my house.

This year I got the pleasure of making my own breakfast, lunch and dinner… as the hubby was actually… Read more

Visual Impact One Table At A Time

May 2, 2011

Color… we all love it but tend to be afraid to use it. Color is visually interesting and says to someone “Hey Look At Me!”  When thinking about how to make the most visual impact at your event think about your linen choices – its a fast way to make a huge visual statement.  There are so many linen choices… Read more