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Carrie Ann Unveiled…

Carrie Ann is the owner and creative designer of Serendipity Weddings & Events, she has a degree in Human Resource Management and has received recognition for her art and event services. Carrie Ann combined her artistic ability with her people skills and created a company that understands both aspects of event planning…..

Serendipity was created to bring cutting edge, hip style to wedding & event clientele. I love funky design elements blended with Southern tradition – the two make an unbelievable impression for my clients and their guests. Wedding and Event designs have come along way in the past few years, today we have the ability to think outside the box and create beautiful events that reflect the clients personality and style.

I find out everything about my clients – it goes way beyond what is your favorite color. I get into design elements, lifestyles, hobbies, how they decorate their home, and of course unique stories on how they met their fiancé. Looking at all the information allows me to come up with inspiration to create a turnkey design concept. Each of my wedding designs are unique to my client, every detail is created around their story and style.

I absolutely love the idea of creating a design theme that blows my clients away – the small details throughout the events are what make them stand out. Serendipity Weddings & Events is an extension of me, so it feels totally natural to become so involved in each design concept while becoming my clients go to person. I love being apart of creating a feeling the represents a relationship. What I am and who I am can easily be seen in my relationships, my designs and my ability to turn a blank canvass into a masterpiece.

I love to travel and to experience new things – that is where I gain some of my inspiration; each new experience is weaved into my design concepts. My family and friends play a huge role in my ability to see things in new ways, something as simple as a swatch of fabric can become a central theme in a design.

This career allows me to meet new people during one of the happiest times of their lives. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to help create a memory of that special day.