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Coping with Crazy

June for many of us in the “biz” is the crazy month – lots of weddings, rehearsals, and parties.  For myself June has turned into the month of total chaos – which is why chaos and I arenow  B.F.F’s.  I have learned to love the craziness of the June season, but it doesn’t come without some serious moments of insanity.  With back to back weddings in June of 2011, I have done a lot of crying with my brides – tears of joy mind you! I have done a lot of pulling my hair out and have located at least a gazillion more gray hairs ( thanks ladies!). I have also done a lot of laughing, dancing and celebrating. Even with all the drama, deadlines, tears, joy and yes chaos this is the most rewarding career anyone could hope for – So thank you to all my June Brides for kicking this season off right!

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